All Moms Are Working Moms

After having my son in 2019, I realized that being a mom was a lot like rocking corporate life: faking it until you make it. Everyday, with every trial and error, I got a little more confident and a little better at my ultimate job: Gunner’s Mom. While I work on continuing to master that, I’m ready to share what I’m an expert at: leveling up your corporate prowess, resume, LinkedIn profile and office wardrobe. Ready? Of course you’re not.

But we’re gonna kill it anyway.

About Me

Kelsea Wiggins

Extroverted and empathetic, I’m a hand-raiser through and through. In fact, it was hand-raising that landed me in the digital marketing industry after dropping out of college and searching for my purpose. Seven years later, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned about “making it” in corporate America, even if that means faking it sometimes.

Let’s Do #WorkLife Together

LinkedIn Tips

If you’re not on LinkedIn, I’ll change that. If you created it in undergrad and haven’t touched it since then, I’ll change that. And if you want to know how to stand out and level up, LinkedIn is the way I’ll show you.

Career Advice

From asking for a raise to dealing with criticism, we’ll master the corporate game with class, sister. Here’s a hint: It’s literally all about confidence.

Working Moms

Work life balance is more than a talking point, and if you know me, you don’t biologically have to be a “Mother” to be a mom.


What People Say

I feel like your new content is unique to the influencer corner of Instagram, but it’s so important for young professionals! Love it 🤗

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I’m a recruiter and I LOVE the content! It is on point! 🙌

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Personal Musings 🙂

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