I’m a rebel bride.

I found a song that used to be my anthem back in 2010.   Almost ten years ago.   Oh, if only I could go back and whisper words of wisdom to myself back then. I think I would whisper to her the words of this song:   "If I made my bed in Hell,  …


Just believe.

Imagine with me that you are six years old. Your hair has never been more healthy because you aren’t in charge of caring for it. The same can be said for the rest of your life. It’s wonderful and carefree because it’s not your own. Not to say that you don’t dream of what it …

Two Years Later

derek and kelsea

I fell in love with his intention, two years ago. His discipline. How intently he focused on what he was doing. How gentle he was with himself when he made mistakes. How careful he was to consider me in what he was doing.


USMNT doesn't make it to the World Cup, I give up on keto, my mental health issues, my new lipstick obsession and much more.