50 Months

My mentor sent me this video, yesterday. I immediately plugged my earphones in, at my desk, and watched it, in its entirety, on my phone. There are two reasons why I took such urgent action.

My mentor doesn’t send me random videos, ever. I knew she sent this to me for a specific purpose and that the video had a message, from her, in it, somewhere. Obviously—I was anxious to find out what that was.

The video, I immediately recognize, featured Gary Vaynerchuk – who is my spirit animal. I’ll be sure to delve into WHY, in a later post, but just know that this guy is the embodiment of everything I know I have the potential to be. I cannot tell you how connected I feel to him. It’s weird. Watch the video and you’ll understand.

  • So that being said—I urge you—dear friend of mine—to give 20 minutes of your time and attention to this video. I don’t really care if you physically watch it or not, but please listen to everything Gary is throwing out. Put it on, on your drive home, today. Stick it in your ears while you’re on the treadmill. Let it play while you’re getting ready. I don’t care. Just listen to it. Chew on it. Lay on it. And write it on the walls of your heart. Let’s change the world together.

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