An Open Letter to Those Whose Eyes Linger a Little Too Long


I get it..


He’s hot

I have a different hairstyle than you’re used to

He has a longer beard than you expected

We were laughing really loudly when we walked into the store…

I have “one of those faces” and you think you know me from somewhere

His shirt has an OU logo and you just graduated from there…

My shoes are cute

His shoes are cute


There are ten million reasons you were staring.

And, how did I even catch you staring?

I must’ve been staring, too, right?

I’m being sensitive

I’m being vain.

I’m being paranoid.


I get it. 



But the reality is that I’m in love

And relationships already come with a whirlwind of emotions that

I didn’t expect

Or I wasn’t used to


So when we decide to run to the store

For the third time this week

To pick up some sushi

And all of you, in every aisle, behind every counter

are staring…


It’s hard to blame it on my braids, or his beard.

It’s hard to throw out, another, benefit of the doubt.

Especially if your eyes are saying “no.”

And your frown is disapproving.

Your lack of expression is even more of a depression.


I’m not in this to be a spectacle.

I don’t love him because of the attention.

I didn’t have a choice, to be frank.


My soul and his soul collided.

And I know collisions are loud, and big, and hard to ignore.

I know they’re beautiful.

I know we’re beautiful…



…but try not to stare?



  1. dearabbyd says:

    I simultaneously love and loathe this piece. I love you strength, candor, and blatant happiness. I loathe anyone that would stare disapprovingly at love. Stare with jealousy, sure. Envy, absolutely. But judgement…in Cbus… not even. Y’all come shop in my neighborhood, and I’ll be walling a few paves behind setting folks straight.

    1. KG says:

      Lol right? It’s weird but we’ve been getting the side-eye like CRAZY lately!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry but I would stare at you so hard. Like DAMN she fine he FINE how do me and Daan be that fine. *goes and gets boxs braids*

    1. Anonymous says:

      Box braids = Game changer

      1. KG says:

        Lol thanks Sojourn 🙂

  3. Donna Moore says:

    I would stare because I knew Kelsea when she was a little girl, playing dress up with my granddaughter, dancing around my living room with total abandon, shopping until we were exhausted and because if I missed a chance to say hello and hug her I would be devastated.

    1. KG says:

      Thanks Gran Gran! I miss you so much! Need to see you soon! 🙂

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