Game Changers

The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio’s annual fundraiser Keyholder is back with amazing guests, Lisa Ling and Billie Jean King. (Crazy, I know.) This year’s topic is Changing the Game. I decided to take a deep dive into what changing the game means to yours truly. Read the blog post below and comment your thoughts for your chance to join me at this year’s Keyholder.

Who changed the game for me

Elizabeth Renee Elnora Ingram changed the game for me. There were no big sweeping speeches about me changing the world one day. She never sat me on her lap and told me to be strong, independent, or empowered. Those things were gently, and often quietly, woven into every hour of my upbringing. Renee Colin KelseaJust as were treating others with the kindness I want to be treat with and respecting other opinions even if I didn’t agree with them. She taught me these things on the playground at my brother’s baseball practices, during the insatiable silence on the pew during church on Sundays and on weekend trips to the Thrift Store. They were drops in a bucket and I’m certain she doesn’t remember ever changing the game. That’s probably because she was so amazing at it, so nimble, so genuine– that she didn’t even notice.

Thanks, Mom.

When the game changed for me

I was twenty-something. I was in my Chevy Sonic that I couldn’t afford, weeping my eyeballs out to my mother on the other end of my iPhone. I had just been fired from my first big-girl-job. I had held the position for three years. 10154557_10203840419517642_2076252025_n.jpgIt was an Inventory Management role for a medical distributor in Dublin, Ohio. I was hired as a temp and had weaseled my way into a permanent position after only a few weeks. I was delighted with myself, and my friends and family were delighted with me. I had purpose in my life. I woke up at 5am and I bitched about rush hour traffic and I drank coffee and I did my thing. I had an email signature and a cubicle and a salary and a 401(k).

But on that day, I had lost it all.

My purpose. My title. My life, I thought. All I had was my iPhone and a seemingly unconcerned mom on the other end of it. I felt worthless.

That day, in retrospect, was the greatest day of my life. If I had not been fired from that position, I may very well still be inhabiting that same cubicle, addicted to the same garbage coffee, living the most boring, status-quo life of all time. A cycle that a ton of people get sucked into. But I am not “a ton of people.” I’m Kelsea, daughter of Elizabeth Renee Elnora, and my game was about to get changed. (I think Mom knew that was the case all along.)

If my life were a bar graph, that point would be the low before the spike. After that day a lot of soul searching happened. In a matter of two years, I would be making a living doing what I love: writing. I would meet the guy that would introduce me to the love of my life. I would get involved with amazing organizations like The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio and Women in Digital. My life would find a new purpose, and it would be far more substantial than a gray cubicle or nasty, free coffee.

Why changing the game matters


I wouldn’t wish the pain I felt getting fired on anyone, (insert ugly crying kimoji) but I wish that come-up on every little girl in the world. Changing the game matters because you, reader of this blog, are not “a ton of people.” You do not have to settle for anything. For status quo, for safe, for normal. You can go get great. And if you don’t have a mom or a major life event to tell you– here’s your sign.


Who changed the game in your life? When did your life game get changed? Why does changing the game matter to you? Comment below for a chance to attend this year’s Keyholder in Columbus, OH featuring Lisa Ling and Billie Jean King with me. 





  1. My daughter definitely changed the game for me! I can’t even imagine my life without her. I truly don’t remember who I was before her!

    1. KG says:

      Tegan is truly the bomb.

  2. Brittnee says:

    I would say the last year changed the game for me—career changes, personal changes, etc. For me, changing the game matters because I feel that representation matters with gender, race, class, and more.

    1. KG says:

      Amen sister! Thanks for reading/commenting!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I loved reading this piece about you, Kelsea! Honestly, graduating college an

  4. Kellie Dempsey says:

    Ah sorry my phone spazzed out and left my comment extremely prematurely! As I started saying: I loved reading this piece about you, Kelsea! Honestly, graduating college and deciding to go against all of my natural instincts, peer judements and family pressures by waiting to find my “dream job,” was my biggest game changer thus far. Being able to wake up and look forward to going into work as merely an INTERN at has been a remarkable experience for me. It only further excites me for what these future years hold now that I’ve found my passion…

    1. KG says:

      Ohhh Kellie! You have such a bright future ahead of you! So glad our paths have crossed. You are truly such a talented, special person.

  5. Manda Luisa says:

    This is an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing! This is a really great post.

    1. KG says:

      Thanks Manda. I appreciate you reading + commenting!

  6. Chanel Nelson says:

    Great post Kelsea!

    I like to quote a female Exec from a former company that would say “you can have your all, you just have to define what your all is”. I realized that my “all” extended much further than a clock in/clock out mentality and giving up of my own values to climb someone else’s ladder. I am thankful that I did not have to lose my job to wake up and realize that it was no longer for me but to know that when I no longer felt like myself or that there was an attitude shift that it was time to make the move. That move was a game changer and although I was nervous about making a “bad” decision at such a young age. So far, it has been the best decision ever and bad decisions are only bad temporarily (if you learn from them.

    Oh and Moms are awesome. For me, my Nana has always been my rock. Keep writing!

    Chanel M

    1. KG says:

      Nanas have infinite wisdom, I’ve decided. Thanks for reading + commenting. Glad your game changer came at the perfect time

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love yur story to pieces.Very inspiring an yet very educational to all who are reading it!I honestly first want to tell you how obsessed I`am with you period.From the day I saw your blog.It really showed me that there really is such thing of beautiful empowering black women with style whom date white guys other than myself.I like that we have the same similarities in some ways.However I believe I have almost found my niche in life as well.My down fall was when I lost my job at a healthcare company as well where I was the title DSP which is a direct support professional.I actually quit the job.LOLI didn`t like the wages I was being paid and the fact that I was doing absolutely everything for individuals who lived in the facility.Might I add it was nothing near a nursing home but was the exact same duties,if that makes any sence.I say this because the patients were from ages 8 years of age to whatever age after that.Some were 8 and alot were 40,55, and even 80.I chose the job there originally because my uncle whom I was raised taking care of was MRDD and was Mentally Handicapped.I loved helping out with him as a kid and going to the Red`s games and to all the UD basketball games.That was his thing SPORTS!Long story short Working at Foundations was nothing like taking care of my Uncle David.I say this because I was not used to getting beat up or my hair pulled because that peson was not ready for a shower.In which the shower was not just a shower it called for me taking 1 as well.I was soaked always after each one I gave out!Also It was not in my mind either all the diseases and catheters I would be changing and only getting paid 8.50 an hour.Not very nice if you ask me.Long story short in the midst of all that years before this job me and my husband started a Towing & Transport business.Which we are still thriving by with.We together have done so well, we have built our 7 bdroom 3.5 bath castle in the country on almost 800 acres and we have now 4 quarter horses and 30 cows.Even though my job didn`t go as planned for me.I went back to fulltime secretary work for my husband apose to the parttime at Foundations and parttime for Jason my husband.I thought I needed to work my own job doing exactly what I loved doing i.e helping others.But when I quit Foundations I was fulltime for Jason and we were able to save money and really put my manajorial skills to the test.Lets just say I was able to get usa major contract with Thifty Car rental and U ship off the show Shipping Wars on A & E. We aren`t on the show yet but we have def done some major growing working for this Company.I can`t say we would`ve been able to get this far if I were still working at Foundations.I would be way too tired when I was to come home to even lok for more contracts.I would probably just continued booking work for the ones we already had.Not Good.So I feel I made an O.K decision quitting that job.Because I now have all my time and efforts devoted to our business which is growing rapidly and making us a great nest egg.And it smells great where I work fulltime at and I don`t get beat up on anymore at all.Kelsea I have to give you credit on this too,because Jason and I have been following you for almost a yeaar now and in that year, you taught us both to make decisions from our heart not just from the outter.The Inner. And to you I have got to thank you for all the inspiriation and wisdom you have empowered us with.You have and always will be my Hero.I mean this to the core.You are all that and a bag o chips woman.Derek is 1 lucky man!!

  8. Alexis says:

    I forgot to leave my info.Im the Anonymous above here.Lol ❤

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