My Baby Believes…

“A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.” –CS Lewis




Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy? I know I do! This missing Malaysian airline is one for the books, for sure, (how the heck does an AIRPLANE just go MIA for this long… fa rill?) but what about all the other conspiracy theories? Like that the government is holding back a cure for cancer because of the money-making benefits cancer treatment produces? Or that the “war on drugs” is really just a guise for Modern Day Slavery? TuPac’s still alive, right? Did man invent religion as a coping mechanism? And how did JFK really die…




I got exposed to my first conspiracy theory when I was in 4th grade. 9/11 had just happened, and my classmates and I had watched it ALL unfold on one of those roll-out TV’s in our classroom. An upperclassman (He had to be, maybe in like 6th grade at the time?) found me during recess and told me that the whole thing was a set-up. Years later, he was still sending me youtube videos and articles with questionable footage and missing puzzle pieces about the attacks. I will fully admit that I did not buy into his theory—but I did chew on it. It was probably the first time I’d ever allowed myself to wonder: “What if what they’re telling me isn’t true?”


And that’s the beauty of conspiracies, yah? As long as you entertain them—as long as you swish them around in your mouth (even if you don’t swallow them) – no one can fully control your mind, right? “The Man” can’t win because you haven’t allowed yourself to become a victim of naivety. You’ve read 1984. You know what can happen. And you’re arming your mind as much as possible…



One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Aristotle when he says, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”


Here’s what I find fascinating about this whole concept of conspiracies, though—it all comes down to faith. You begin to question the integrity of the government when you lose faith in it. You begin to wonder about our legal/justice system once it fails you. TuPac’s death can’t be possible because you were just vibing to “Changes” and that chill you got in your bones… you KNOW that was him. And religion has to be created by man because you used to go to church—you used to do that whole thing—but all the “Christians” you know are arrogant assholes or too pretentious to regard. Or there is no way a “good” God would allow so much pain and suffering in the world. Suddenly all the proof, or lack thereof, becomes irrelevant because what you are now turning the ears of your heart toward is your own inner voice. And your inner voice is telling you, loud-and-clear, that something ain’t right.



Before I start sounding preachy—let me tell you: that inner voice is God-given. Your conscience, your doubts, your thoughts—wouldn’t be there if God hadn’t allowed them to be. And while I encourage you to harness your thoughts toward positive and productive things—I think there is overwhelming proof in the Bible that God is cool with us “digging deeper” and “doing our research,” especially when it comes to Him. He says several times to “test Him,” or “taste Him,” or “try Him.”


And for all of you Bible scholars who grew up in Christian school AND in church and want to punch your laptop right now because you know what a HOLY and SOVREIGN and RIGHTEOUS God we serve, and what high regard we should hold Him in, and why the hell am I telling someone to TEST God when HE IS GOD—and He doesn’t need to be TESTED—please know that I agree with you. The universe itself speaks to His power and His glory. He doesn’t have to prove Himself to anyone. But the cool thing is… He does.



And whether or not you want to acknowledge whether or not the “war on drugs” is really just a flimsy guise to incarcerate minorities—the numbers will still stand. And whether or not you want to acknowledge whether or not a cure for some of the most terribly, horrible, terminal illnesses exists—there is probably a vial in a freezer underground somewhere with the cure. And whether or not you want to acknowledge that God is the Creator of the air you are currently inhaling and is jealous for your Heart and is one day going to come back for us—the fact remains that He did, He is, and He’s going to.


So, you can do some research. Get educated. Get on board—or you can exist in your bubble of naivety.



Just remember: not everything is what it seems.




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