I’m fucking doing it.



Tomorrow morning… actually… in a matter of hours, I’m fucking doing it.


I’m waking up before the sun, getting as gorgeous as my MAC products and Victoria Secret push-up bras will allow, and driving my fears, doubts, dreams, and lack-of-a-butt to Cleveland. I’m going attempt to not use my vocal chords the entire drive. I’m going to attempt to not let my makeup or hair wear unfavorably. I’m going to pray to God in heaven like He is a Genie and I’m on my very last wish. I’m going to be early. I’m going to tremble in fear. I’m going to sweat and stress out because I’m sweating and therefore sweat more. I will question everything I’ve practiced and decided. I will doubt all of the hope I am currently experiencing. I will write down my name. I will introduce myself. I will close both of my eyes…



And I will fucking do it.


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