Step Three

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Turns out, Kelsea’s “Get Your Head Out of Your Own Ass” is a three-step program. Who knew?

I didn’t think long and hard about Step Three. I thought short and soft about it. Step Three is, by far, the hardest step. It’s called “Give it to God and Go to Sleep.”

I moved over the weekend. And by “moved,” I mean, slammed everything I could fit into my tiny ass car and drove back and forth from familiarity to a foreign (but beautiful) space. And for those of you who have moved—I know that you know that it’s the most draining process in the history of processes. I was nothing but tired, especially from doing everything on my own and, therefore, at a snail’s pace. By the end of the night last night—all I could think about was falling asleep head first into the box of pizza I was ravaging in my new bedroom. My mind kept sorting through the list of things I still had left to do.

You still have so much shit at your old place. You still need to clean that floor and that bathroom. Do you have food in the pantry? Should you just stay up all night and knock it all out?


However—after realizing it was midnight and I had to be awake for work in 6 hours, I resolved to Give it to God and Go to Sleep. Literally. I said a silent, quick prayer that God would help me manage my time better in the morning and that I would make the most out of the two days I had left to get everything done. And then I closed the pizza box and klonked out.

The truth is that we cannot meander through any type of growth or positive change, alone. When you make the decision to make yourself better – you are already making the choice to fail if you go it alone. Our nature, as humans, is imperfect. We were born flawed. We are guaranteed to fuck this up. Only by His hand do we have any chance of success.

So now that you know where you suck, and you’ve confessed it all to Lauren…

Just Give it to God and Go to Sleep. His mercies are new every morning.


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