10 Things to Know Before 24

Listen, I’m so close to turning 24, and it’s freaking me out. Why? Cause what the hell happens after 24? 25?! You’re a quarter of a century old. 24, when you’re like sixteen is ANCIENT. I should have like two babies and a house in the country by now. But I don’t. Here’s what I do have– some very basic advice that it took me 23.9 years to figure out. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t take you that long…

1.) Talk is MAD cheap.

anyone can say ‘i love you.’ anyone can say they have your back. who has the humility, maturity, and strength to follow through with those statements?

2.) Trust actions.

that’s allll you can do, bro. be forgiving, always. but trust what you see.

3.) The exterior is almost never an accurate representation of the interior

that weird bar you didn’t want to go into that ended up being your favorite. that chick with resting bitch face that turned out to be your best friend. that car that looks like shit but holds all of your memories. books and covers… don’t judge!

4.) You complete you. Seriously.

for real!

5.) Sundays are for rest. Seriously.

it’s not being lazy. it’s what the day is for. biblically. so chill.

6.) Nothing replaces hard work.

shortcuts only exist on desktops. 

7.) It’s soooo okay for people not to like/get you.

you’ll survive. the world keeps spinning. we keep it movin.

8.) Kindness and forgiveness and love are always the answers. Always.


9.) You’ll regret the moments you chose pride over humility.

and you will want people to choose humility with you, instead of pride.

10.) Saving the world starts right where you are, right now.

in your boring town, with your shitty friends from high school, and the bland streets and the dirty buildings. it’s all a ripple effect. make your current grass green and watch the world bloom.

xo K


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