Attilah Dulaney



What’s your story? (Name, Age, Birthdate, Hometown, Current Neighborhood, Education, Current Position, Current goals, etc.)

My name is Attilah Dulaney. I was born and raised in Columbus, OH and graduated from CAHS. I graduated from Howard University. I have a bachelors’ in business administration with a minor in marketing. Washington, DC has my heart; I absolutely love the city and my Alma Mater! (HU, You Know!) While in DC I worked in the upscale boutique hotel industry and gained un-paralleled career experience and development. I decided to move back to Columbus to be closer to family and raise my adorable high-energy son, Judah.

Currently, I enjoy living in the Olde Towne East neighborhood. The neighborhood reminds me of DC, there are people from every walk of life in the houses on my street.  I currently lend my creative brain to The Shipyard, as the supervisor of the tier 1 team, and a project coordinator. I enjoy digital marketing and hope to see my career grow into a project management role. My ultimate goal is to be an entrepreneur, and pass a legacy on to my son.

What does your name mean? (Google it, if you never have.)

The name Attilah originates from the Mongolian warrior Attila the Hun.  As we should all know, western history is written from the perspective of the westerner so I do not subscribe to any of the meanings that the western world has attached to the name Attilah.

In turn, the story of how I was named Attilah is a little interesting.  My mother was pregnant with me while reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X and his 1st daughter’s name is Attallah. She liked the name, but changed the spelling and the rest is history!

Why Columbus?

Columbus is a great town! I have always been very proud of growing up here. This is a great place to raise a grow-up, attend college, and raise a family. Columbus is a great melting pot of people, and of course you can’t forget the OSU Buckeyes!

What’s your motto/mantra? 

Work smarter, not harder.

Do you have any mentors/sponsors?

My high school employer has been my mentor for many years. He has been an entrepreneur for a very long time and I respect his perspective.

What’s been the key to your success?

Staying true to myself has been the key to my success. I try very hard not to get caught up in group thought and opinions.  I know that it sounds cliché, but being aware and present, while many things are going on around you is vital. You have to know who you are and what you want, in order to stand confidently in your decisions. Even if the decision does not produce the desired outcome, I know that I was true to myself and in that I cannot go wrong.

What’s your favorite Happy Hour spot in Columbus?

I’m a mother so I don’t get to happy hour much, but when I do I enjoy La Fogata. Margarita! J

What would you say to the young people who want to take their talents out of Columbus?

Honestly, I would say get outta here!! Go experience the big cities and go see the world! You’re only young once. After you have experienced many new adventures, come back to Columbus and infuse all of your experiences and talents back into the city.

Favorite Ohio Team:

OSU Buckeyes

Local organizations you support:

Currently I serve on the board for the annual Juneteenth Festival and March of Dimes.

They’ve just erected a statue of you in front of the State House. What does it say underneath?


Best piece of advice you’ve received?

Get your groceries! A professor told a group of freshman this my 1st week of college and it has stuck with me since. “You don’t go to the grocery store, pay your money, and then leave without your groceries do you? Always get your groceries!”

Personally, this advice translates into making sure that I am getting value out of everything that I do. Time is your most valuable asset. If I’m spending my time on something, then I make sure that I’m getting everything out of it that I can.

How can we stay connected with you?


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