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What’s your story (what grade are you in, bday, family, tell us about life with JDRF?)

My name is Maia. I am seven years old and my birthday is February 26. I am in 1st grade at Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary in Grandview. My Mama’s name is Jennie and my Dada’s name is Clay. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on March 15, 2016. My diabetes is not fun, but I get to have ice cream sandwiches before bed if my blood sugar is low!



Fave color?

My favorite colors are pink, purple, green, blue, and orange.



Fave thing to do after school?

My favorite thing to do after school is walk to the playground by my school. I can see my friends that I go to school with!


Any sports?

I have played soccer, and practicing karate. I also like basketball and softball. I also like volleyball and tennis.



Fave team?

I like the Browns because my Mama and my Grandpa Eric love that team. I am also going to my first Major League Baseball game this weekend to see the Indians!



Are you a Belieber?

What is Belieber?



1D or 5SOS?

I don’t know who those bands are. But I like listening to Ray Charles and Disney music.


What do you wanna be when you grow up?

I want to be a singer, and a swimmer when I’m a teenager. But when I am an adult I want to work at a music shop.



Who’s your role model?

Half my Mama, half my Dada.


Favorite food?

Pizza, rice cakes with peanut butter, sugar free Popsicles, and pudding.



You just won a million dollars—what do you do with it?

I would buy a thousand gifts for my family and take my friends on a vacation when I get bigger.

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What’s your story? (Name, Age, Birthdate, Hometown, Current Neighborhood, Education, Current Position, Current goals, etc.) 

I’m Hollie! Proud to have been Born and raised in Columbus Ohio. I am your typical girl next door. I am always smiling, love coffee, wine and doing anything I can to make someone else’s day! Thanks to Ohio State, I work in pediatric dentistry and LOVE what I do. I like to think of myself as a tooth nurse. Truly, I love patient care, but now I’m starting to adventure into the dental marketing world. After school, I married A handsome man and we live about 30 minutes east of Columbus. I still commute daily to my hometown and spend as much time as I can in the city with friends and family! Current goal in life: Becoming a mommy. Recently I was diagnosed with DOR (Diminishing Ovarian Reserve). Basically, A fancy word for horrible egg quality. I am now super involved with the infertility world. Something I never imagined I would deal with at 26. I have started to blog my story in hopes to help others experiencing the same situations.

What does your name mean? (Google it, if you never have.)

This is a first for me, I’ve never looked up the meaning of my name. The name Hollie is an English name: The English meaning is: the holly tree. Usually given to baby girls born around Christmas.

side note: I was born in February, not December. My dad just liked the name 🙂

Why Columbus? Its home! Plus the people are awesome

What’s your motto/mantra?  “To live abundantly, you have to race towards the future with arms and heart wide open. You have to risk everything and let the universe take care of the details.” Elaine Hussey. 

©Nicole Leone Miller

Do you have any mentors/sponsors? I don’t really have Sponsors, But so many supporters. More now than ever. I love my amazing support team!

What’s been the key to your success? Keeping a super positive attitude

What’s your favorite Happy Hour spot in Columbus? Anywhere with great company, Im not picky! However, I am a sucker for the margaritas at Bakersfield

What would you say to the young people who want to take their talents out of Columbus? You should make yourself a priority. I would never discourage anyone from following their heart. If you want to travel, Do it!

Favorite Ohio Team: Obviously The Ohio State Buckeyes

Local organizations you support: The Ronald McDonald House.

They’ve just erected a statue of you in front of the State House. What does it say underneath? Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

Best piece of advice you’ve received? “There is always lip stick!” seriously though, It always makes you feel better..

How can we stay connected with you? 

Facebook is always easy, or my fertility blog


Hollie Jones

Nellie Corriveau



What’s your story? (Name, Age, Birthdate, Hometown, Current Neighborhood, Education, Current Position, Current goals, etc.)

Hello! I’m Nellie I’m a twenty-something fashionably fit philanthropist in Central Ohio. My husband, Jared, myself and our four pound toy-poodle Tini live in Gahanna. I’m the proud founder and Executive Director of Nellie’s Champions for Kids. We are 100% focused on supporting pediatric cancer families in the community. My ultimate goal is to empower other women to live their dream life, what I like to call your CRAFFL (Crazy, Ridiculously Amazing, Fun Filled Life)!

What does your name mean? (Google it, if you never have.)

The name Nellie is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Nellie is: Shining light. The bright one.


Why Columbus?

I ❤ Cbus! The people make it great!

What’s your motto/mantra?  

Focus, you got this!

Do you have any mentors/sponsors?

Yes, they are amazing, I am so lucky to have them in my corner!

What’s been the key to your success?

Never ever giving up and asking for help.

What’s your favorite Happy Hour spot in Columbus?

Any patio on a warm and sunny day-that is my happy place!

What would you say to the young people who want to take their talents out of Columbus?

Stay here, there is so much potential here. You can always travel and explore other places. Keep your roots here!

Favorite Ohio Team: The Buckeyes of course!


Local organizations you support: Nellie’s Champions for Kids and The Women’s Fund

They’ve just erected a statue of you in front of the State House. What does it say underneath?

Inspired many to make a difference in the world.

Best piece of advice you’ve received?

Never stop learning.

How can we stay connected with you?

Facebook is a great way to connect:


Join us for our big 10th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday July 30th!

Sam Bush


  • What’s your story? (Name, Age, Birthdate, Hometown, Current Neighborhood, Education, Current Position, Current goals, etc.)
    I’m Sam Bush and I’m a fresh 28! My birthday is 2/19. This whole being 28 thing is weird. I’m really in my LATE 20’s now, which is a mental adjustment. I’m from Columbus, Ohio and live in Italian Village. I went to Mount Vernon Nazarene University and studied Art and Graphic Design. I’m currently a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist who also does creative services for social media and email marketing. My goals right now all revolve around growth in knowledge and pushing myself in my career. I have a weird list of career changes over the last about 6 years stringing from waitress to finance to graphic designer and now have really found my place in digital strategy.


  • What does your name mean? (Google it, if you never have.)
    Samantha – it’s means Listen to God from the Hebrew origin, which is why my parents chose it. It also means good listener.


  • Why Columbus?
    Columbus? Well I was born and raised here. My family and friends are here. My roots and memories are here. I love this city!


  • What’s your motto/mantra?
    My current mantra is “Hustle hard girl” or some version of “Everyday I’m hustling.” When I use the word hustle I’m really talking about that constant motion side of it. Not the shady side of hustlin’. Right now, I’m really working on getting in my groove, growing in my career and learning more about myself in the process. Hustling to get what I want in life whether that’s physically, mentally or spiritually.


  • Do you have any mentors/sponsors?
    As far as supporters go, I have some of the best core girl friends who have been with me through years of growth and change. They are a huge piece of who I am and how I’ve been shaped. It’s an awesome thing to have people who stand behind you, beside you and with you depending on the situation. My mentor would have to be my Dad. He really has taught me how to trust in my gut but also analyze the facts. He is my go to when something huge happens in my life good or bad.


  • What’s been the key to your success?
    When I think of success, it’s all about personal success. Determination and really taking time to get to know myself has gotten me where I am now. Taking the time to figure out who I am, how my mind works, what I need from other people and what I can give to other people. Those are the things that I’ve really focused on over the last few years, which has shaped me into who I am now. Self-reflection and a strong support system are my keys to success.


  • What’s your favorite Happy Hour spot in Columbus?
    Oh this is really hard! I am a frequent happy hour girl! It would have to be Marcella’s if I’m feeling classy. A bottle of wine is half off! If it’s just a normal sort of day then Seventh Son Brewing Company. That is my go to spot for any occasion.


  • What would you say to the young people who want to take their talents out of Columbus?
    Columbus is trending right now! Columbus has been listed in the top up and coming creative cities and also been noted as a technology and start up hot spot. How can you not love that? In addition to the huge companies based out of Columbus, are local businesses rock too. There are so many different pockets in Columbus to explore. But I mean, if you are feeling like moving on, do you. You have to do what’s best for you.


  • Favorite Ohio Team:
    OSU BUCKEYES! #gobucks My friends do love to make fun of me for not being a huge sports fan but I love the sense of friendship that comes from being a buckeye fan. That and tailgating.12112335_811286674490_206383238192344313_n


  • Local organizations you support:
    I volunteer for Columbus Arts Council events as well as the Columbus Arts Festival. I’ve been on the planning committee for a few years helping with the student art section. I also attend Veritas Community Church and do some things through the church.


  • They’ve just erected a statue of you in front of the State House. What does it say underneath?
    “This statue was craved out of black marble because Sam Bush wouldn’t have it any other way.” Something along those lines.


  • Best piece of advice you’ve received?
    The best advice I’ve been given would have to be, “Fight your demons and fight them head on.” One of my oldest friends said this to me when I was down and out about some events in my life. She reminded me that in order to become the person I want to be, I have to face the things that scare me the most about myself. I have to figure them out in order to move past them.


  • How can we stay connected with you?
    You can follow my blog : where I post articles about Digital Marketing trends and SEO (and soon will be adding in videos as well!!) I’m all over social media! It’s part of my day job and also I just like how it connects people. Instagram is where you’ll see the most me, which is private but follow me on Twitter @AmBushedDigital and then @Sambushed (personal) as well as Linkedin:


Jessica Hall

Jessica - © Alexandria Whitefeather (2 of 38) (1)


What’s your story? (Name, Age, Birthdate, Hometown, Current Neighborhood, Education, Current Position, Current goals, etc.)

Hi! My name is Jessica Hall, I am 25 years young and was born on March 18th 1990! I spent about 10 years in Ontario, Canada but would consider Mount Vernon, OH my hometown. I moved to Mount Vernon when I was about 11 years old and attended High School there as well. I studied Fashion and Retail at The Ohio State University and started my own business, Armoire Consulting, as a Wardrobe Stylist a little over a year ago. I also launched my style and lifestyle blog, Armoire Answers this past December! Right now I am really focusing on building my business/ blog and finding myself! I have a 3 year old Havanese named Bruti who Is my best friend! I also LOVE children and fill in as a nanny for a few different families when needed!


What does your name mean? (Google it, if you never have.)

My name means: Rich. God beholds, and a bunch of other things but that was the first thing I found! J

Why Columbus?  So, I am actually all over the place right now! I spent 3 weeks in Florida in December and 3 weeks in Arizona in January. Like I said, I am trying to find myself and as much as I LOVE Columbus I am really itching for a new adventure! I love to travel, make new connections. I may be heading back to Arizona here soon, but no set plans as of now!

Jessica - © Alexandria Whitefeather (27 of 38)What’s your motto/mantra

My motto or quote that I live by is, Follow your dreams. I know that is pretty cliché and boring but I actually have a story behind it. I grew up competitive figure skating and always would practice my signature for when I became “famous.” I literally wrote it EVERYWHERE! I always signed my name and underneath wrote “Follow your dreams” with a little heart or star beside it. Although my dreams drifted from figure skating ,I have always had a love for fashion and soon knew I wanted to be a stylist and work for myself. Although I’m not where I want to be with my business yet I know if I continue to work at it and be patient, I can make this my full-time job someday.


Do you have any mentors/sponsors?

I look up to my dad more than anyone. My dad owns two businesses and works SO hard and has always been so amazing to my brothers and me. My dad actually helped me start my own business.  He has such a big heart and works so hard for everything he has!

What’s been the key to your success?

I know where I want to be in life and just continue to work toward it. Keeping focus, drive and confidence in myself has helped me to get where I am today. In this field it can be very discouraging at times, it honestly is a lot of work building a clientele and building a blog but I haven’t given up or let setbacks get me down. I attended a Fashion & Beauty Conference in Chicago called Simply Stylist and learned from a few of the speakers to always stay true to yourself and your brand. That’s what I have been doing and will continue to do!

What’s your favorite Happy Hour spot in Columbus?

I love Bodega! I really enjoy the atmosphere in there and love their food, especially their mac n’ cheese.

What would you say to the young people who want to take their talents out of Columbus?

I would say go for it! You truly never know until you try. I moved out to Dallas for just 6 months and I’m so glad I did! Even though it wasn’t for me at the time, I have no regrets! I think it’s great to try something new and get out of your comfort zone.

Favorite Ohio Team:

The Ohio State Buckeyes football team, of course!

Local organizations you support:IMG_2213.jpg

I have done a little work with Dress for Success (social media collaboration/ promoting for the Dine,Drink Dress event) but would honestly love to volunteer my time in there. I love what they do and I think their organization is so inspiring.

They’ve just erected a statue of you in front of the State House. What does it say underneath?

I have no good answer to this one! LOL!

Best piece of advice you’ve received?

Listen to your heart! Whether that is toward relationships, career,etc. Only you, know what’s best for yourself.

How can we stay connected with you?

I am a social media guru! You can keep up with my life/fashion post on Instagram @halljessicalynn or my website/blog at I also have a page on facebook, and of course by email J



Brittnee Miller


What’s your story? (Name, Age, Birthdate, Hometown, Current Neighborhood, Education, Current Position, Current goals, etc.)  I’m Brittnee Miller. Currently enjoying my “Jordan Year”, I’m 23.5 years old. I was born in Brockton, Massachusetts – military brat so I’ve moved quite a bit before settling and calling Pickerington, Ohio home. I live in Clintonville/Worthington, it’s like the middle. Snapchat gives me a Worthington header so I have to take that into consideration. I’m a 2015 graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s of Art in Communications. My current title is a Marketing Assistant at a financial institution. My goals vary and pile on each day. I ultimately want to succeed in a Political campaign that pushes for encouraging urban students and letting them know they can amount to more than they think and there’s so many opportunities out there. I also want to push for women especially young girls to know they can not be simplified to being “just a girl”, that they can amount to anything a male counterpart does.

What does your name mean? According to Google, Brittnee means From Great Britain. It’s not really descriptive but Great Britain aka Great Brit. Definitely holding onto the Great and Great Britain is a wonderful country. I used to have a picture that told me what my name was and it was so long, I wish I kept it. The expression of my name is as stated “As unique, creative individuals, they tend to resent authority, and are sometimes stubborn, proud, and impatient.” And I agree with this statement so much. My middle name is Nicole which means Victory of the People and my last name Miller, refers to a person who owned or worked in a grain mill.

Why Columbus? As much as I want to get out of Ohio, there are opportunities to pounce on in Columbus. The company I ultimately want to end up at is located here in Columbus. I feel like taking the opportunities that are presented to me are the move before I uplift and leave this place.

What’s your motto/mantra? As nerdy as it may seem, the Harry Potter series has shed so much light on my life. I have a Harry Potter tattoo in dedication to my favorite series and so much more. ‘It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live.’ – Albus Dumbledore. Why this? It’s a constant reminder to me that I can have all these dreams but they’re not going anywhere without living life and working for these things. As nice as it is to put off the real world, it’s even better to take advantage of the life out there.

Do you have any mentors/sponsors? My marketing director definitely has taken a role in pushing me to be independent and creative. He pushes me to be creative and not let slow work get to the best of me.

What’s been the key to your success? Believing in myself. Encouraging and pushing myself has been the key to keeping me on my feet. I have worked hard enough to ignore the negativity.

What’s your favorite Happy Hour spot in Columbus? Mad Mex. Definitely for the Nachos that are half price after 10!!! I also enjoy Pinthouse, the fries are to die for. Any place with great food is definitely at the top of my list.

What would you say to the young people who want to take their talents out of Columbus? Go for it. Don’t let anything hold you back. If there’s a better opportunity out there, don’t pass it by. There’s so much out there to explore and we shouldn’t limit ourselves on fear and change.

Favorite Ohio Team: The Ohio State Buckeyes, duh.

Local organizations you support: Pets Without Parents, Columbus. I love animals to it’s only right to support organizations that get them better homes and out of harms way.  I’ve worked with Nellie’s Catwalk for Kids and their fight for Children’s Cancer. It’s a great organization that gives these kids so much to look forward to.

They’ve just erected a statue of you in front of the State House. What does it say underneath? Brittnee. A Kind and Humble Soul. A woman who gave a lot without asking for anything in return and liked ink.

Best piece of advice you’ve received? My younger sister is an avid hype beast. Always been brave so her telling me “To Be Brave” was important because the roles were switched. I’ve always been the big sister and in that moment, she pushed me towards something I didn’t want to do and something I was avoiding. Of course, the subject was silly but my sister wanted the best for my well being and cared about that in that moment. If my younger siblings believe in me then there’s nothing holding me back. I’m setting an example for them. Another person reached out to me about my blog and told me that “Your words add so much value to the world” and it was in regards to blogging but that made me think that each thing we type or say has so much meaning to someone out there. We could be helping someone without even knowing it.

How can we stay connected with you? Avid tweeter, @brittneenmiller is my serious twitter place. I get on Facebook from time to time, Brittnee Miller would be that name. Find me on the gram @britttnm. I also blog and the name isn’t set in stone but check me out at


Sara Mitchell



Whats your story? (Name, Age, Birthdate, Hometown, Current Neighborhood, Education, Current Position, Current goals, etc.)

I’m Sara… but no “h”! … the joke always being my parents couldn’t afford to buy the “h”… I only recently put together that they always said this yet my sister’s name is Heather, clearly they used all the “h” budget on her. Insert typically woe is me second child syndrome here.

Don’t let the spelling pity story and being born on Friday the 13th (May 13) fool you – I would never say I’m bad luck. Where it counts I have been incredibly fortunate in my life; I was born and raised in Columbus by parents who always encouraged education, drive, and the pursuit of passions. My older (and only) sister not only got all the hs, Heather has constantly been a source of inspiration and possibility in my life. In many ways we are complete opposites, something I used to resent and hope to change, however as we’ve grown up I have seen are differences as our strength. What makes Heather unique and an artist leaves me in awe (I can barely color between the lines).

All said, at 27 owe my life to those that surround me- my mother for being strong when I could not, my father for believing in my creativity even when it was bizarre (I thought “poetry” was a more literal “poet-tree” in our front yard that I wrote under), my sister for balancing me, and all the friends that have stuck by me through my weird to witty moments.

Education: BFA in Writing Literature and Publishing from Emerson College (fun fact: the Fonz aka Henry Winkler is an alum).

Current position: Communications Manager for The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio

Current goals: Intentionality- this is my word for 2016 and embodies my goal to live and act with more purpose. I want to look at each day with more honesty and intentionality so I can pursue more of my ideas with committed purpose.

What does your name mean? (Google it, if you never have.)

I have known for years that Sara means princess… however, for the sake of this assignment I decided to see what else was out there. I came across the below and loved it:

“A person who is very hot and has the greatest personality ever! In hebrew Sara means princess. There for you should treat her as if she was one! Sara is also a very irresistable person.”

…Thank you Urban Dictionary!

Why Columbus?

To be completely honest after I moved away for college in Boston I assumed I would not be coming back. But then I got to Boston…and I loved it, which made me even more certain I would stay on the east coast. And then graduation came and reality set in. As much as I loved the city and was proud of my writing degree, graduation came with two rude awakenings: (1) you can’t easily love in Boston on a writer’s paycheck (not to mention getting hired as a writer was no easy feat) and (2) you can’t make a living off of puns and a positive attitude. So I moved back, moved in with my parents for a bit, and in May 2011 I found myself at The Women’s Fund Keyholder event featuring Goldie Hawn and everything changed. Flash forward to 2016 and I have been on staff at The Women’s Fund for over three years… puns may not get you a job but sheer will and gumption might.

Whats your motto/mantra? 

Be here now”

Short for “Inside you there’s a strength that lies, be here now” – lyrics for a Ray LaMontage song that always grounds me. Also just a good reminder to be in the moment no matter where you are or what you’re doing.



Do you have any mentors/sponsors?

Thanks to The Women’s Fund I have met a lot of women I now look up to on a daily basis. My entire team for starters- I am surrounded by 7 women every day (plus all our wonderful interns) that are intelligent, driven, and passionate about what they do.

I think it’s important to constantly be connecting to women that challenge how you see things while also encouraging your visionary moments. My boss Nichole is notorious for this and I will be forever grateful. I have friends I am in awe of daily like Krista Sanford, Annette Furio, and Amy Schmittauer who all pursue their strengths and businesses either full time or on the side. Their spirit and energy is contagious.

Whats been the key to your success?

Coffee… just kidding! (kind of).

As simple as it sounds: openness- to opportunities, connections, feedback, and criticism. Being opening to your surroundings and the people you spend the most time with can lead to incredible outcomes. When you’re open to even the bad moments you can change for the better. This is probably the biggest lesson I took away from writing classes I took in college- we would submit our pieces to the entire class and have to sit quietly as 10-20 people reviewed and critiqued every sentences, we couldn’t respond till the end and at that point we had to be short in our reactions/ explanations.

Whats your favorite Happy Hour spot in Columbus?

It’s tough to pass a good patio and happy hour… Lindey’s definitely wins at this!

What would you say to the young people who want to take their talents out of Columbus?

Favorite Ohio Team: Cincinnati Bengals! (thanks to my boyfriend I have now become a fan and will endure the pain and emotional rollercoaster that comes along with it).

Local organizations you support:

There are so many- which is one of my favorite things about Columbus, we are a community dedicated to invigorating change.

The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio (of course!) & all our amazing grant partners

Women’s Council of Central Ohio

Nellie’s Champions for Kids

Bad Bish Network

Theyve just erected a statue of you in front of the State House. What does it say underneath?

How is this the hardest question!?

Insert cliche pun here… something cheesy with a coffee reference:

She tended to have a latte on her mind, it was just the daily grind.

Best piece of advice youve received? “Shake it off” — before Taylor Swift made this phrase extremely popular it was a go to mantra in my house growing up. Dad always told us to “shake it off” when things got tough instead of pouting about it. I’m not saying T. Swift ripped him off but it’s a strange coincidence…

How can we stay connected with you?