Sara Mitchell



Whats your story? (Name, Age, Birthdate, Hometown, Current Neighborhood, Education, Current Position, Current goals, etc.)

I’m Sara… but no “h”! … the joke always being my parents couldn’t afford to buy the “h”… I only recently put together that they always said this yet my sister’s name is Heather, clearly they used all the “h” budget on her. Insert typically woe is me second child syndrome here.

Don’t let the spelling pity story and being born on Friday the 13th (May 13) fool you – I would never say I’m bad luck. Where it counts I have been incredibly fortunate in my life; I was born and raised in Columbus by parents who always encouraged education, drive, and the pursuit of passions. My older (and only) sister not only got all the hs, Heather has constantly been a source of inspiration and possibility in my life. In many ways we are complete opposites, something I used to resent and hope to change, however as we’ve grown up I have seen are differences as our strength. What makes Heather unique and an artist leaves me in awe (I can barely color between the lines).

All said, at 27 owe my life to those that surround me- my mother for being strong when I could not, my father for believing in my creativity even when it was bizarre (I thought “poetry” was a more literal “poet-tree” in our front yard that I wrote under), my sister for balancing me, and all the friends that have stuck by me through my weird to witty moments.

Education: BFA in Writing Literature and Publishing from Emerson College (fun fact: the Fonz aka Henry Winkler is an alum).

Current position: Communications Manager for The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio

Current goals: Intentionality- this is my word for 2016 and embodies my goal to live and act with more purpose. I want to look at each day with more honesty and intentionality so I can pursue more of my ideas with committed purpose.

What does your name mean? (Google it, if you never have.)

I have known for years that Sara means princess… however, for the sake of this assignment I decided to see what else was out there. I came across the below and loved it:

“A person who is very hot and has the greatest personality ever! In hebrew Sara means princess. There for you should treat her as if she was one! Sara is also a very irresistable person.”

…Thank you Urban Dictionary!

Why Columbus?

To be completely honest after I moved away for college in Boston I assumed I would not be coming back. But then I got to Boston…and I loved it, which made me even more certain I would stay on the east coast. And then graduation came and reality set in. As much as I loved the city and was proud of my writing degree, graduation came with two rude awakenings: (1) you can’t easily love in Boston on a writer’s paycheck (not to mention getting hired as a writer was no easy feat) and (2) you can’t make a living off of puns and a positive attitude. So I moved back, moved in with my parents for a bit, and in May 2011 I found myself at The Women’s Fund Keyholder event featuring Goldie Hawn and everything changed. Flash forward to 2016 and I have been on staff at The Women’s Fund for over three years… puns may not get you a job but sheer will and gumption might.

Whats your motto/mantra? 

Be here now”

Short for “Inside you there’s a strength that lies, be here now” – lyrics for a Ray LaMontage song that always grounds me. Also just a good reminder to be in the moment no matter where you are or what you’re doing.



Do you have any mentors/sponsors?

Thanks to The Women’s Fund I have met a lot of women I now look up to on a daily basis. My entire team for starters- I am surrounded by 7 women every day (plus all our wonderful interns) that are intelligent, driven, and passionate about what they do.

I think it’s important to constantly be connecting to women that challenge how you see things while also encouraging your visionary moments. My boss Nichole is notorious for this and I will be forever grateful. I have friends I am in awe of daily like Krista Sanford, Annette Furio, and Amy Schmittauer who all pursue their strengths and businesses either full time or on the side. Their spirit and energy is contagious.

Whats been the key to your success?

Coffee… just kidding! (kind of).

As simple as it sounds: openness- to opportunities, connections, feedback, and criticism. Being opening to your surroundings and the people you spend the most time with can lead to incredible outcomes. When you’re open to even the bad moments you can change for the better. This is probably the biggest lesson I took away from writing classes I took in college- we would submit our pieces to the entire class and have to sit quietly as 10-20 people reviewed and critiqued every sentences, we couldn’t respond till the end and at that point we had to be short in our reactions/ explanations.

Whats your favorite Happy Hour spot in Columbus?

It’s tough to pass a good patio and happy hour… Lindey’s definitely wins at this!

What would you say to the young people who want to take their talents out of Columbus?

Favorite Ohio Team: Cincinnati Bengals! (thanks to my boyfriend I have now become a fan and will endure the pain and emotional rollercoaster that comes along with it).

Local organizations you support:

There are so many- which is one of my favorite things about Columbus, we are a community dedicated to invigorating change.

The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio (of course!) & all our amazing grant partners

Women’s Council of Central Ohio

Nellie’s Champions for Kids

Bad Bish Network

Theyve just erected a statue of you in front of the State House. What does it say underneath?

How is this the hardest question!?

Insert cliche pun here… something cheesy with a coffee reference:

She tended to have a latte on her mind, it was just the daily grind.

Best piece of advice youve received? “Shake it off” — before Taylor Swift made this phrase extremely popular it was a go to mantra in my house growing up. Dad always told us to “shake it off” when things got tough instead of pouting about it. I’m not saying T. Swift ripped him off but it’s a strange coincidence…

How can we stay connected with you?




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