Oh Baby…

One of my best friends is currently expecting a child—and I couldn’t be more excited. I know what you’re thinking. Literally, everyone on my Facebook is pregnant. It’s very easy to get desensitized to such big news. But Nish is the first person in my circle to be expecting. I see this girl every single day. I’m watching her develop that pregnancy glow. I have a little star every Thursday on my planner to mark the pregnancy growing one week older. This isn’t that girl you went to high school with that pops up a photo of her ultrasound on facebook. This is my close FRIEND. It almost feels like it’s happening to me.


I’m watching Nish calculate every decision she makes as she is totally aware that it will affect the life she’s harboring inside of her. No more sushi. No more coffee. No more negative conversation because stressing her out means stressing baby out. It’s an entire life switch. I’m tripping over my words around her because I don’t want Baby Render to hear anything but love come from me.


The whole experience has me very outside-of-my-self.

Why haven’t I always had such a filter over my words? Why haven’t I always been so keen to Nish’s needs and concerns? Does God give us this gift of a baby to realign our focuses?


Should I be treating everyone in my life with as much caution and care and respect as I treat my pregnant sister?

I’m sure you already know the answer.



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