Here’s a quick view into everything I am currently…

Feeling: Anxious.
I recently had my first anxiety attack and, boy, it was a doozy. Anxiety has never been my cross to bear. I’d identify as an extrovert—an outgoing, open person. Anxiety, outside of performing, is foreign to me. But, recently, I have had more encounters with it than ever.  It’s a scary thing, it’s a real thing, but it’s definitely a manageable thing. These encounters have all stemmed from moments of feeling extremely overwhelmed and extremely insecure. Some things I’ve been doing to keep anxiety at bay are yoga, dedicated times of prayer, singing (believe it or not), and just being open and honest about it. I’ve got oodles of new respect/sympathy for my gal pals who have to deal with this, daily.

Listening to: “Mellow Drama” by Kevin Garrett

Before I go to bed, when I wake up in the morning, every shower, and every car-ride, I am listening to Kevin Garrett. I strongly recommend “Refuse,” and “Control.” Nothing more to tell you other than I am wholly obsessed with this album and this artist. If you’re not following me on Spotify—I’d highly suggest you change that as well.

Watching: Private Practice (again.)

Private Practice
Okay, well, technically, my roommate and I just finished this show, but I would have zero qualms about starting back at Season One. In my opinion, this show was the best thing Shonda Rhimes ever did with her life. Not even being hyperbolic. I could be being clouded by the nostalgic value this show holds in my heart. I used to watch it weekly with my mother and absolutely sob. The best of times.

Celebrating: Valentine’s Day

Haha… so I’m single this Valentine’s Day, but I will still be celebrating in some very important ways. My friend Rae Reed is hosting Columbus Rising which brings awareness to issues of domestic violence in relationships. I’ll be spending VDay watching a flash mob go down for this! I’m also celebrating the true love of my life, my unborn, unnamed GodBaby who keeps growing and growing! By Valentine’s Day, we’ll only be 5 days away from knowing his/her gender!! Eeeek!

Thinking About:

  • How the hell I get to this MLS All Star game in July where the opponent is the one, and only, ARSENAL GUNNERS!!
  • Whether or not I’ll do anything about my “summer body” anytime soon.
  • What stage in my life I should look into purchasing a home and making real estate investments.
  • And whether or not I should just stay single for a while…

Eating: Free Chipotle and lots of brownies with my roommate while we watch Private Practice. Ahhh, the simple things!

Looking For: a bomb-ass leather jacket. A new (to me) car. A gentle hair-braiding salon. And, love in all the wrong places. (In that order.)

Supporting: Beyonce.


Photo by Andrew Downing 2015

Bought my first pair of (p)leather leggings this season… which is kind of a big deal. Never thought I had the booty for them, but then I realized I just don’t really care! Ha! Also, picked up this oversized sweater, originally from Express, at DFW for the low-low. This, with the box braids and my black, knock-off TOMS wedges are the uniform until it warms up.

Drinking: All the coffee. I got that winter time fatigue, breh. Here’s my fave.
In Need Of: #GunnerGirls !!! Email me at to nominate yourself or another!


xo K


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