Feeling: Independent AF

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I’m doing it, y’all. Half because I have to and half because it’s about damn time. I’m moving into my own muthafuckin place. Like—only my name on everything. Like—walk in and drop my shit wherever I want cause it’s MINES!!! Like—can’t ask anyone to chip in on utilities cause I’m legit the only one using ‘em. I’ve never lived alone since I moved out at 18. And, to be honest, I really love me where I am right now, so why not just live with myself? 🙂

Further PRO’s to my new place:

It’s in my favorite neighborhood, Grandview.
Walking distance to my favorite bar and 7 minutes from work!
It’s not a studio – which was all I thought I could afford in my head.
RIGHT on the river so I can kayak my little heart out! ❤


Listening To: Nick Jonas “Last Year Was Complicated”

I’m a sucker for him, idk why. Here’s my fave song on the new album.


Watching: GAME OF THRONES! (with Dairy Queen… Game of Ice Cream Cones)


Celebrating: CAVS WIN!!!! (which I got to witness in CLE!!) Legendary moment. Still in awe of the energy I felt there. So glad I went! Thanks to my love, Derek, for inviting me and to all of his friends for letting me come along!


Thinking About: This Quarter Life Crisis I’m Creeping Up On



Derek and I both had our first taste of Thurman’s with his parents a few months ago, and it’s become our date spot. We haven’t gone yet this month though… hmm…

Looking For:

Supporting: Columbus Women in Digital


I attended the first CWID event a couple of weeks ago and (obviously) blogged about it. Check that post out and find out how you can get involved with this kickass group!

Wearing: Box Braid Bob. Missing the butt-length braids doe. Which look do you prefer?

Drinking: Porch Coffee. My Fave ❤


In Need Of: SUNSCREEN! How tf do you deal with sunburns guys?! I don’t understand?!?! I’ve gone 24 years with maybe 2 or 3 very minor nose-sunburns in my life… but right now, today, my entire face is peeling and is like 8 different shades of dark brown. What happened, Sun?! Thought we liked each other?!?!





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