Why Pandora Sucks

I walked over to my coworkers desk last week to find that she had headphones on and was listening to music. I asked what she was listening to and she open her browser to expose that very familiar, very outdated blue-on-gray-on-blue-on-boring website that is Pandora. I immediately let out a “Pshaww… you still listen toContinue reading “Why Pandora Sucks”

Very Important. Very Pretentious.

I had a random thought enter my head, this morning. And, as all my thoughts do, it looped its way around a strand of thoughts I’ve previously concocted. Walk with me as we follow this trail of “how God communicates with Kelsea.” I was at Wes’s house the other night and we were watching someContinue reading “Very Important. Very Pretentious.”

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

  I’m driving to work this morning—early for once. Substantially early. Like early enough to stop for McDonald’s breakfast and totally negate my 9pm workout I did last night. Early enough to not be almost-rear-ending every car in front of me on US-23. Early enough to try to snap some cute “OMW to work” selfiesContinue reading “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”

Speak No Evil

There’s a common misconception that body positivity and body-issues are ideas that are reserved only for plus-sized-women or mothers with tiger-stripes (stretch marks) or double-mastectomy patients.. Or, even, that they are exclusively reserved for women. This irks me. A lot. Especially when I’m eating a baconator at work and everyone in the office starts askingContinue reading “Speak No Evil”