Feeling: Sympathetic.

I’ve been watching a lot of people I deeply love go through some emotional shit, and the only thing I can concoct in the realm of ideas is how desperately I want to pull their souls out of their bodies and deal with all the shit for them. Freaky Friday it for a few. Gimme your load—I wanna carry it.

Listening To: Zayn. Obvs.



Watching: Daily Vee !!! If you know me, (or follow me on LinkedIn), you know I’m obsessed with my fave immigrant, entrepreneur, hardcore hustler Gary Vaynerchuk. His vlogs are giving me life. Let them light a fire under your booty, as well. #HustleHardGirl

Celebrating: Women’s History Month. Check out some of my fave women that I’m counting on to shape history.

Thinking About:

  • Starting a YouTube Channel
  • Getting back in shape!
  • Travelling

Eating: We call this “Steak Sushi.” Peep da recipe.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Looking For: A Spice Girls Outfit for this thang. (Yes, I’mma prob be Scary. *sideye*)


Supporting: THE WOMEN’S FUND OF CENTRAL OHIO!!! This year’s Keyholder event will feature the one and only Vanessa Williams as the keynote speaker. Also, I’ll be there as a volunteer, AND I’ll be featured in a video as well. So come check me out!


Wearing: This Homage Beanie that I’ve been jonesing for since I got these damn braids put in my head. But one full Saturday of day drinking ended with my precious beanie becoming an orphan. Never to fear, a tweet to my friends at Homage resulted in me getting a replacement.


Shoutout to customer service!

Drinking: Pale Ale on the patio at Seventh Son


In Need Of: You know what I’mma say. GUNNERGIRLS! Email me:


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