Feeling: Lovey Dovey 💕

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Obviously I’m in la-la-la-la-la-love. *heavy sigh* I’ve been feeling it super hard these days. Love is scary guys. At least this love. This “wow-everything-is-amazing-when-you’re-around-and-totally-sucks-ass-when-you’re-not” love. I pride myself on being a pretty independent person. (At least emotionally.) So feeling dependent (like I currently feel… Gawww… that hurts to even type) is hard for me. But it’s also something I just don’t feel like I have any control over, whatsoever. That’s truly the craziest thing about love—how helpless it makes you. How it binds your hands and thoughts and motions. How you become paralyzed to everything that exists inside of your “love bubble.” It’s nauseating. But it’s so wonderful. It’s so inexplicably wonderful. And not just the “not being alone” part, or the “just having someone” part. It’s having HIM. It’s having THAT ONE. It’s… perfect. All of it. I feel very, very lucky. But also crazy. But mostly lightheaded and giggly.


Listening to:  “Powers” by Lostboycrow

(thanks Discover Weekly) I haven’t ventured out to anything else that Lostboycrow has done since stumbling onto this amazing song.. but I’m sure I will eventually. Also—this song perfectly explains everything I was trying to explain above.


Watching: The Night Of, Bojack Horseman, Vice Principals, and Gilmore Girls



Thinking About: Animals

Mostly just dogs and bunnies. I’m itching to have a pet. I can’t even tell you. After Derek and I named the rabbits that hang out in his yard, it made me really start thinking about getting a bunny as a pet. I work too hard/much to be responsible for an attention-seeking dog, so I took to Facebook to see what all of my wonderful friends thought about getting an independent lil bunny. An overwhelming majority of you shot that shit down—real fast.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.56.35 PM

Eating: Donuts

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Unhealthy obsession has begun. Started with that gateway drug: coffee. I’ve truly become a coffee + donuts girl. But keep those nasty cake donuts away from me. For real. Ew.

Looking For: A new hair-do

The box braids are all but falling out. (For reals. I’ve left these suckers in WAY too long.) Here’s where I currently stand, hair-wise:

  • I have put no heat on my hair since January of 2016. I also haven’t had any natural hair out (other than these raggedy edges) since then, either. Kinda miss my REAL hair.
  • That being said, I haven’t woken up for work early to actually heat up a straightener/curling iron and “do” my hair since January of 2016. Ha. Don’t know if I can get back into that routine.
  • Sidebar: I’ve never had a weave in my life. Is it time to just bite the bullet and try ‘er out?
  • Super Sidebar: I still deathly want to be blonde. Like more than yall know. I know it doesn’t make sense for fall… but c’mon. What do we think?
  • The bob was cool, but I miss my long ass box braids, too.
  • Also have toyed with wanting to shave half of my head too. So, there’s that.
  • Basically just want some long, no-maintenance hair style for the fall/early winter.




Supporting: The Big Table – The Columbus Foundation

Check out more about that in the link above—and also check out The Big Give!

Wearing: The Double Hoop. Yay or nay?

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Drinking: Beer. Can you say, Beer Olympics?

Discovered that Rhinegeist Peach Dodo is, officially, my favorite beer. And shoutout to me actually making it to group photos!

Slack for iOS Upload-18


That’s all I’ve got. What’s everything you’re into, currently?




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