When it comes to life, there are a few constants:
I will always write.
I will always love.
I will always mess up, learn, and move on.
But also in life, there’s a TON of stuff I’m constantly changing my mind on.
So for now, here’s everything I’m currently…

Feeling: Like an ADULT


After watching the 5 o’clock, 5:30pm AND 6:00pm news, I filed my taxes, took a very early shower, cancelled a showing for a duplex and paid my electric bill. (Ten. Days. Early.) Nevermind the twenty minute conversation I had with my Mom where we tried to nail down what my interior design aesthetic is. Or the fact that Derek and I have toured ten homes in the past few weeks. Or that I just upped my retirement contribution. Just feeling old AF, breh.


Listening to: Sam Hunt

I go back and forth on whether or not I like country music like… hourly. But I have never wavered on my love for Sam Hunt. Good Lord, Montevallo is probably one of my favorite albums of all time and I have no qualms about saying that. It’s just fun and feels like May in Ohio. Optimistic and bright and independent and YES. So as the river outside of my apartment starts to sparkle in the sunshine and get framed with budding trees and annoying ass geese, so will I allow Sam Hunt to sing/talk to me every morning while I get ready.


You prolly smile like that all the time…”


Watching: Masterchef Juniors

Fun fact: I cry all the time. (I’m starting to think I subconsciously enjoy it.) Nevertheless, Masterchef Juniors is always good for a solid, “Omg they’re so cute and they all support each other” cry. Streaming now on Hulu.


Celebrating: Jackie and Tyler’s Engagement!


Rewind to last week. Derek comes home, tells me to promise not to tell ANYONE what he’s about to tell me. I flip out, of course. He tells me to stop flipping out or he’s not going to tell me. I pretend to stop flipping out. He says “Tyler’s gonna do it.” I lose my mind. Fast forward to last weekend, me and 40 other adults are on a charter bus to Ohio University. The sun and Summer Shandy are flowing. We get off the bus and line up to “take a group photo” and this happens:



Now, two of my favorite humans + pup-parents are gonna be married. I may or may not be counting down until that wedding. (I may or may not be hydrating for that wedding.) Congrats guys!


Celebrating (Part 2): Tronfest: The Finale


After making a complete idiot out of myself during my first Tronfest, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the grand finale. That’s right, the last Tronfest, a decade long celebration of the one and only Anthony “Tron” Redfern’s birthday, will be this weekend at a cabin in Hocking Hills. I’m particularly excited about this for a couple of reasons that I will (vulnerably) dive into now:


  • I’ve been dating Derek for One Year

  • 1910051_10209282530327011_8514477170082090870_n (1).jpg


I know you’re like “Duh… shut up about it already” but I wish I would’ve started dating him like 5 years ago. He and all of his (our) friends have so many memories and stories that I hear about and just totally kick myself for not being a part of. I’m excited for Tronfest because I know it’s going to be an incubator for those stories that come up 2-3 years from now. And, God willing, I will be able to start laughing hysterically and contribute to the conversation.


  • Tron + Steph are getting MARRIED


Guys. All the weddings. But this one. THIS ONE! Derek and I can roll up to their house on a random day and have a blast, so I can only imagine how insane this wedding is going to be. Oh shit, what am I going to wear?!


  • Party with all my friends


When I’m on the phone with my Mom and she asks me what I have going on this weekend, or who I saw out at the bar last night, or what our big plans are for the summer– my answer always usually begins with “Derek’s friends.” Which… ya know… habit. But hot damn, after a whole year around this crew I think it’s safe to drop the “Derek’s” and claim ‘em for myself. Hopefully it’s mutual.

Thinking About: Buying Ish.

So… we’re moving, soonish. And I, obviously, want this place to be the nicest townhouse in all of Grandview Heights. (Ha!) So I’m going Pinterest crazy and thinking about all the furniture and Hobby Lobby pieces in the universe. I’m somewhere between Chip + Joanna and Vern Yip from Trading Spaces. (HELP!)


Eating: Uncrustables and Lunchables

Scratch everything I said about feeling like an adult.

Derek will attest, I eat both of these for dinner, nightly.

Looking For: Dresses for all the weddings!

See all aforementioned headings. There are weddings on weddings on weddings coming up. I own an insane amount of dresses but suddenly am feeling the desperate desire to overhaul my entire wardrobe. Shopping, anyone?


Supporting: Sunny happy hours with my work fam

When your boss announces on a Friday that we’ve had a rough week and we’re all going to Seventh Son for a drink, you count your blessings and whip out the selfies.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Wearing: This Kimono

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 7.34.53 PM

I would wear it daily if I could. Obsessed with it. Thx Amazon.



Lent is almost over and Costco always has those variety packs…


In Need Of: a new hairdo

I love my braids. I do. I love how low maintenance they are. But just as I’ve never kept my furniture in the same spot for too long, your girl is in need of a change. Here’s what I’ve been contemplating:

  • Goddess Locs

  • Weave

  • Lighter, longer box braids




That’s everything I’m “Currently.”

8398500-21935128_7-s1-v1.png cropped-kwiggz.png

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