Year in Review: 2017

What a year we just had. I’m happy that the entire universe hasn’t declared 2017 a dumpster fire like they did for 2016. It was pretty eventful for me, in retrospect. I started it in a far different place than I ended it, and there were more than few constants. Sit down, grab some coffee/tea/water/liquor and lets dive into the year that was 2017. (Well, for moi.)


The Best of January:

2017 started the right way, I would say. I spent it my first New Year with Derek, at the house the he still technically “lived in.” My brother and his friends and even Brittnee came to the party and we had an epic send off of the crazy year that was 2016. This month, I also began rehearsals for A Date 2 Remember which was a charity event that featured me singing and acting. (Ha! More of that in February.) So every Sunday for about 2 hours, I drove to a yoga studio downtown and practiced becoming and actress and singer. (And made some new friends.)

I also dove into the Bible, began my love affair with La Croix, and found out I’d be going to SXSW in March. I was featured on the cover on Ready Publications, interviewed Wendy’s Social Media Team for the podcast I was co-hosting. (Hey Meredith!)


The Worst of January:

I presume, it was cold. Can’t pin point anything turrible about January. Thank God.


The Best of February:

February’s highlight was the A Date 2 Remember charity event I participated in. As previously mentioned, we put on a bit of a stage show at Hollywood Casino where I was “the Female Lead” and had a solo. The charity part came to flourish through selling tickets to this event, in which I sold the most out of everyone participating. My ENTIRE crew came, Derek’s parents came, even my brother and his friends showed up. I felt so loved and supported and special that night– it was a true standout for me.

Also: Derek’s goddaughter turned one this month, and I spent 8 hours in a hair salon getting my hair braided. LOLZ


The Worst of February:

I had a random, really fun night out with some old friends, Lauren and Nola, that actually bummed me out because I think this is the last time I hung out with them. 😦


The Best of March:

This was a big month for me. I went to Dallas and Austin, TX for the SXSW conference and ended up getting a tattoo, hearing some talks that just inspired the shit out of me, and doing a live podcast panel during the conference. Derek and I also celebrated one year together, so that was a big deal.


The Worst of March:

This was the month I had the epiphany that… I wasn’t going to be a fit for the job/culture/environment I was in anymore. The next few months would be a lot of just feeling uncomfortable, panicking, and doing everything I could to make some changes, career-wise.


The Best of April:

APRIL was crazy. Hello spring. Derek and I were lucky enough to be a part of our friends’ surprise engagement in Athens, OH. (Video and blog post here.) We celebrated another friend’s pending nuptials with a bridal shower. Easter was spent in Perry County, and TRONFEST ruled the month. We spent 2 days in the wilderness, in a sweet-ass cabin, with all of our friends, having the GREATEST time ever. (Hot tub, anyone?)

Also, I got back into modeling part-time. Shoutout, my calf muscle.


The Worst of April:

I was still struggling, internally/silently, at work. Add to this that Derek and I had made the decision to move in together and started actively looking for places to live. In GRANDVIEW. I was stressed, stressed, stressed.


The Best of May:

It seems as the temperature increases in Ohio, so does our schedule. May was a good representation of that. I had my first, legitimate Athens experience for our friend Marie’s bachelorette party. That was an AMAZING weekend and one of the highlights of the summer, for sure. (I got introduced to my new favorite drink: the Hot Nut.) I attended The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio’s Keyholder event, I tried to start doing lunges with Derek (ha!), and I moderated a panel for the American Advertising Federation – Columbus Chapter. Oh, and more modeling, spent Lauren’s birthday exploring my old stomping grounds, and Derek and I found our current home! (Which we’re obsessed with!)


The Worst of May:

This was the month that my career frustrations came to a head and I made the decision to leave my job. That was the best and hardest part of the year for me. I was terrified of transitioning but unable to continue to properly function under 24/7 stress. Happy to report that I’m back to being a normal human since leaving.


The Best of June:

Ready? Me too.

I dropped $80 on Hot Nut shots at a bar in Polaris for Steph’s Birthday because, for some reason, I thought Athens prices just transferred? (Lol, they don’t. But totes worth it.) Derek and I move in together, officially. My not-so-little cousin Morgan graduates high school. MARIE AND DENNIS GET MARRIED! (She was seriously the most gorgeous bride I’ve ever seen.) I get ombre braids, and the baby fever starts to bubble up.

The Worst of June:

I started my new job like on June 1, I believe, and was still transitioning out of my old job, so that was just a chaotic and stressful time. And during those times, I write.


The Best of July:

July meant lake days, grilling out, and the first party at our new place! I hopped on a pedal wagon to celebrate Rachael’s bachelorette party, went to the Columbus Commons to see Common perform, and continued with the modelling stuff. I also dove head first into my new job and was really starting to enjoy it. I realized this month what work/life balance actually means (thank God) and prioritized the things that make me happy.

Can’t forget the other most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen in my life, Rachael. Their wedding was amazing and beautiful and Derek even swallowed his 6-month-long-nerves and gave a Best Man toast.

Also, more modeling.


The Worst of July:

My lease at my old place expired this month, so Derek and I had to clean that place out, which absolutely sucked butt. But it also meant I was done paying rent at two places, so that was kinda good? Oh and we sold the kayaks. RIP.


The Best of August:

The modelling things starts to pay off when I get featured in an art exhibit called Ten by Three, that ultimately ends up in 614 Magazine. Wedding SZN continues with The Russel wedding. My brother and Derek both turned 29 this month. Derek’s birthday was spent at the Lake and also at Pins, which was a lot of fun. I think we may have attempted a Zoombeezi Bay trip this month, as well, and ended up getting rained out.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
Autumn Theodore Photography

On the Brand-of-Kelsea front, the modelling continued and I ran a giveaway on my Instagram with some other Columbus bloggers that really ramped up my Instagram game.


The Worst of August:

Game of Thrones ended.


The Best of September:

Did you know that Wedding SZN never ends? Lol, jk. Had a great time at another friends wedding where Jackie and I low key peeped that Rachael was pregnant again, when she passed on the free wine. (We were right.) Speaking of weddings and Jackie, I decided to third wheel it to a wedding expo with her. That was very overwhelming but also very fun. But onto the pinnacles of September: The First Annual Grandview House Crawl which you can read all about here, and my trip to Santa Monica, CA, which you can also read all about here.


ALSO: DEREK AND I STARTED OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! Our first, very cringey video is here.


Also ALSO: The modelling game went into overdrive in September. I did a stylized shoot with my friend Stef, continued working with Nuts for Ohio, and more! I even got invited to a blogger event hosted by Columbust Stories and Bexley Yoga. (It was legendary. Yes I have a video of it, here.)

The Worst of September:

I attempted to eat the ketogenic diet and 100 Days of Yoga. Why is this in the “worst” section of this month? Because I sucked at both. I did keto (and felt amazing) for probably around 2 or 3 weeks, which is just a little shy of how much time I devoted to my 100 Days of Yoga challenge. Ugh. I can’t commit to anything.

Also: as modeling and YouTubing ramp up, blogging dies a slow, painful death. That makes me sad.


The Best of October:

October was brought to you by an early birthday present from Derek: my Canon Rebel! This meant random photoshoots with my favorite photographer, Derek, and more YouTube videos than our very small channel could handle.

I also spent an entire weekend at a pumpkin patch. (Yes, really.) I did a photoshoot for Balm Skincare at Lynd’s Fruit Farm and the following morning went back to the same spot to have some fun apple picking and pumpkin picking with friends!


Oh– and Derek was Post Malone for halloween, and I failed at making a LaCroix costume.


The Worst of October:

Derek and I go Axe Throwing and I suck so bad at it, it’s unreal.


The Best of November:

My Birthday Month! Thanksgiving! The greatest month of the year!

Derek and I take our first vacation together and hit up New Orleans, Louisiana. Here’s the details on that trip: blog and vlog. We spend Thanksgiving with both of our families, which was great, and went HAM on Black Friday.


The Worst of November:

Derek and I both going blonde. (Actually, I kinda pulled it off. Derek on the other hand…)

Oh and I’m closer to 30 than I am 20. So, that blows.


The Best of December:

Girls Night in the Buckeye Vodka party bus, an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party, speaking at Tonnisha’s Respect the Hustle Event, and, oh yeah, Christmas! December was lit, for the most part. I had an amazing holiday season that was topped off with Derek and I hosting our first New Years Party together. It was a raging success, and, of course, we vlogged it all here.

The Worst of December:

We celebrated my birthday on the first weekend of December, and I was conscious for maybe 20 minutes of it. Let’s just say, I don’t think I’m allowed back in Grandview Cafe anytime soon. Yikes.


Honorable Mentions:

Speaking at OSU PRSSA, ALL of the great TV Derek and I consumed this year, including Homeland, Vice Principals, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad and WAY more, volunteering at TedX Columbus event (meeting Piper Kerman), joining the Bad Bish Netowrk (again, kinda), Tegan’s first birthday, The Girls on the Run 5k, passing out candy on Halloween, my Peer to Peer group, and all the new friends I made.


2018, whatchu got?!

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